Prepare to be amazed as Conwy turns into the ultimate digital art gallery during Feast weekend.
This year blinc is an all-town event . As darkness falls, be prepared to see some unusal views of our medieval town as it  turns into the ultimate digital art gallery.
The theme is I Love Conwy, Conwy Loves Me and will offer some unusual views of our medieval town.
Highlights include a huge heart projected onto one of our historic buildings, a bird's eye view of the town, and a photo/film of the entire length of the River Conwy.
There will be dancing, poetry, music and lots of surprises at sites all around Conwy.
blinc 2012 will be dedicated to Alan Turing, WW2 Enigma code cracker and father of the modern computer.
"Thanks to Turing we have the digital technology we have today" says blinc curator Craig Morrison. "In Turing's centenary year we want to acknowledge his life and achievement and we will be saying thank you to him through the medium of digital art."
Rather than one big show, this year we have a trail of projections around the town for everyone to enjoy for free.
The installations will be featured at several sites within the town walls starting at 6.40pm and finish at 9.30pm each evening from Friday to Sunday. The Civic Hall projection will run until 10.30pm.
As well as the several projection venues, there are exhibitions, performances and installations to enjoy as you walk around the town.

Bedwyr Williams will be performing on a bus and boat during the festival. The performance is free but you will need to reserve tickets by email: [email protected]

The Royal British Legion will become the blinc Festival Hub. Here you will see Intuition and Ingenuity, the Alan Turing touring centenary exhibition and work by Desmond Paul Henry. Visitors will also be able to watch a variety of films and performances throughout the festival. The Hub opens at 2pm on  Friday.
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